Video: Gymkhana 5 hits the streets, in more ways than one

Fifth installment of the famous Ken Block Gymkhana series was released few moments ago and it’s a dream come true for one happy chap, Ken Block, and close to dream come true for the rest of us. Why dream? Well, you cannot say you never wondered what would it be like to jump a car on the hills of San Francisco, or have the entire busy downtown shut down just for your driving pleasures!

In what to me looks like equally impressive feat behind the wheel and in the meetings with the city council and police, Ken and his team managed to bring infamous Hooning Fiesta to San Francisco and do some regular and some quite impressive stunts on the streets, bridges, tight and open corners, intersections, barge… yes, barge, and many more.

Gymkhana 5 probably used more GoPro cameras than any similar video project so far, and it’s safe to say some of those met their premature ends during the making of this film. But no matter, it was worth it, for sheer driving fun if nothing else.

May the Hoonigan keep hooning for many years and gymkhanas to come.

Oh by the way, Ken should get his fans included in screenshot competition – make the best “photo” out of Gymkhana 5 video and win… something. Here’s my humble contribution right up there.