Change of colours for change of luck?

Ford just teased us with a wink from their Fiesta RS WRC car, partially covered and partially revealing the new livery, prepared especially for Rally Finland.

Will it sport more blue than green, or is the green gone completely in favour of more blue or perhaps even a touch of warmer colours? We can’t say, only Petter Solberg, Jari-Matti Latvala and rest of the gang led by Malcolm Wilson knows.

But if you ask me, change of colour and switch to more inspiring colours and livery design might as well bring change of luck for Fords as well. Last thing you need to see after a tough rally and not so good results is your cold, cold blue team camp covered in equally cold mold of green. Come to think of it, I guess it wouldn’t make that much difference if you return to Ferrari-red “pits” if your results aren’t there, but… just get rid of the green, mkay?

To those that claim Ford’s failures and lack of results have nothing to do with luck I can only say – I agree, but whether it’s luck or just being bad on so many levels, Ford could use a change for the better. Badly.