Extra motivation for Ken Block in Finland

We sort of take these “old guys” for granted, call them legends and generally just go with the flow by praising them, but for younger generations it’s hard to comprehend what these silent veterans were capable of doing in their prime years. One such legend is Ari Vatanen, often seen on major motorsport events around the world and generally still quite present in modern day motorsport scene. Today Ari is just great guy to be around, full of immensely interesting stories and anecdotes, but you don’t get a sense of this man’s speed and skill by just talking to him. The least you can do to get more familiar with Mr. Vatanen’s legacy is to head over to Youtube and take a look at some of the videos featuring his drives in WRC, Pikes Peak and many other events.

Naturally, Ari is in Finland this weekend and is supporting the event and competing crews. Earning special praise from former World Champion is another legend, of a slightly different “kind”, but with equal passion and enthusiasm, Ken Block.

Vatanen was seen around Monster World Rally Team’s testing site and had nice words to say about the American, recognizing him not only for his starts in World Rally Championship, but for the triumphs in another very important field of marketing and promotion.

“I take my hat off to him how he has mastered this new virtual media, he is like an icon in that field, particularly among youngsters. If Ken can do the same thing I did on my last appearance in Finland in 2003 and finish 11th then I will buy him a dinner”, said Ari Vatanen.

Great incentive for Ken to try and judge his jumps properly, which he admits will not be easy. At all.