Stick around for another year, will you Mr. Loeb?

  • Brilliantly put. In any case, being the competitive beast that he is, I’m sure he’ll gladly take the VW/ Ogier challenge. In my opinion, Young Seb is his only worthy successor right now, and it would be immensely interesting to see them battle it out in different machines within equally powerful teams.
    P.S. Just a small typo there: “detrimental”.

    • Thanks for spotting that (a typo), Joao, and also for a comment. Sure hope Seb stays long enough to go head to head with another Seb.

  • Alex Langheck

    I have heard and read that he wants to drive powerful cars. To me, that means, not WRCars. Maybe he will do a part-time WRC season, with outings in his own Sebastien Loeb Racing LMP2 Oreca-Nissan, or Porsche 911GT3 Cup.

  • Jose Miguel

    I hope we could see a face to face Loeb-Ogier in 2013 because the Vw driver is the only one that can beat to Loeb.

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