Hello, my name is Hyundai, and I’m a new WRC monster!

Everybody: Hi Hyundai. Well, I could not have made it more cheesy, right? But this is such a good day for World Rally Championship, don’t you think. If you consider that other news about certain individual with many titles and victories to be good as well. He will, after all, remain in WRC in some form and that indeed is great. Let’s just hope he does not get in a way of some young talents.

But then there is this official confirmation of the rumour that’s been circulating the WRC corridors for months – Hyundai said Yes. And in a big way – they’re keen to make something out of it and they plan to run in-house team when they finally join the World Rally Championship.

That’s what we know so far. What we do not know is when exactly will they start their WRC campaign – another set of rumours claims they might take part in few rallies next year and then jump in full-time in 2014. Another exciting question is the one about drivers – luckily there is no shortage of talents in that area! And finally, who will be managing this team. For now though, let’s just enjoy the idea of having another manufacturer coming into the WRC, possibly bringing another few private teams in as well. Now, if only Citroën would stop dreaming about WTCC or at least can we have Peugeot back, if Citroën decides to bail out?

All this is giving me hope for tomorrow – I am quite sure all these manufacturers have some insight into what FIA is preparing for WRC. Bright(er) future? Hope so.