Aliens behind the wheel – Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena

It’s all about simple facts. Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena clinched their ninth (9!) World Rally Champion title today. What exactly can we add to this to make it more descriptive? This is simply beyond words and comprehension, as anyone at least remotely involved with rallying or any other form of motorsport can confirm.

French sporting giants took a commanding victory in front of home crowd, which was more than enough to claim the title as well. Ninth title. Sebastien and Daniel simply are the best rally crew out there, period. Of course, coupled with superbly run team of Citroën. All other drivers were simply filling the ranks and “starting grid”, more or less. Sure, I am in no position to claim that, and I would be slower than my grandma in a WRC car, but seriously, Loeb and Elena’s competition is nowhere to be seen.

Whatever Seb and Daniel decide to do next year, they will be sorely missed if they don’t take part in at least 75% of 2013 events. I’m not buying the “Loeb should retire so others can compete” thing.

True stars and ultimate rally champions. Congratulations, Sebastien, Daniel and Citroën.