Goodbye Ford, your commitment was very appreciated!

  • Alex

    So in the year that Loeb is leaving town, they pull the plug off, bad timing, this year they would win more for sure the pressure is on citroen side.

    As things stand i think WRC will never get 3 manufacturers at the same time a shame.

    For next year i’m imagining VW with loads of money Citroen counting the cents and M-Sport surviving.

    There is no hope for WRC. I’m sad.

  • Maybe they should have a world rally privateer championship then! I’d watch that and find it really interesting. A bit more like the IRC when they started out maybe. World class rally drivers in private teams. Different platform to the championship.

  • Kid_Voltron

    I’m dumbstruck, totally speechless…but more so gutted and truly sad!

  • Joao

    Sebastien Loeb was both a blessing and a curse for the WRC. He’s been scaring off competition and now, semi-absent, the competition figures there’s no use in pursuing a title without Loeb’s challenge. Depressing, really. The WRC is quickly becoming devoid of any interest, and VW must be by now seriously worried about their investment. I truly doubt the Hyundai project is anything more than a “let’s see what happens” type of stunt. By the look of things, nothing will come of it. Sad, really sad. Maybe the (cheaper) R5 category in the ERC will bring some equity to international rallying.

  • flat-over-crest

    What a sorry state the once great world championship is in.Regret to say that we sceptics were right all along,but seems so.
    Well,I’m better off watching the much more interesting IRC/ERC for the near future…wake me up when WRC is resurrected.

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