Rally Show Santa Domenica – When you love rally, everything is possible

Third edition of one of the most spectacular rally shows in region (region being Croatian capital Zagreb) takes place at the end of this week – it started small in numbers but high on ambitions, and this combination proved out to be huge success. I’m talking about Rally Show Santa Domenica, unique event that keeps growing each year. For 2012 edition organizers received more than 90 entries, so the gravel stages will be brimming with action.

One of the unique and probably the best aspects of this event is the fact that it’s based on huge enthusiasm of one of the youngest motorsport clubs in Croatia, AKK Sveta Nedelja. They had the idea and the will power to push through many logistical and other obstacles, only to prove that with love and dedication there are no limits in what you can achieve. Of course, this event is still in it’s infancy, and there is room for improvements, but there is little doubt that organizers have what it takes to build this into full blown rally spectacle in coming years.

It’s short, but sweet, it’s on gravel and there are more than 90 entries with all sorts of rally machinery, from Yugos and Ladas, to Lancers, Deltas, Imprezas and few Buggies as well. Weather should be nice, but since when rally fans even care about the weather, right? If you’re able to attend, by all means do so. Oh, and there is also a mandatory party scheduled for the evening after the main event, so be there.

For more info point your browsers to AKK Sv. Nedelja’s website, lots of info in English. Although rally show is only 4 days away, there is still time to make super urgent last minute arrangements. In the true spirit of everything-done-in-last-possible-moment!

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