Ogier, Hanninen and Ostberg lead the way

  • Anne

    Great to have you back, Tom! Obviously the biggest reason for the small(ish) number of voters in your poll is the fact that people have not noticed your return yet.

    You are right. Rally community is one big family. For myself, being a Finn and a devoted MikkoWRC fan with biggest hopes to grab the driver´s championship title back to my home country again after a whole decade, there is absolutely no question about who to support next year. Go Mikko Go! However, I do have a warm heart beating for the other crews, too. I was sad to hear Petter leave the stages for now, and I am truly worried about the situation with our fellow Estonian Ott… I will be more than happy to see Jari-Matti and Juho do well, and I hope to see them a lot on the podium (preferably with Mikko in the middle =O). And who would not love Malcolm and his dedicated team, and wish them all the best in their effort to keep Fords at the top of the sport? I can hardly wait for the season to start. It will be so exciting!

  • Marko S

    I never was a fan of VW, but with Ogier behind the wheel I may just become one. Polo looks really nice in WRC outfit and Seb’s got the speed and “Colin-like” personality… Can’t wait MC for start of the season!

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