What’s up with all the news about 2013?

  • Abdullah

    I think FIA is not giving any details because of fear that any deals negotiations might collapse and nothing will happen, and this might outrage the fans the media…etc

    And to be honest, I dont think FIA care about WRC, Formula 1 is their golden chicken that give shinies and money :)

    Last thing, even with Red Bull Media being the next promoter, I doubt there will be any TV live coverage, because we are days away from MC, and as you said…it is dead silence

  • Alex Langheck

    I’m certain it’s all being taken care of, but it’s the silence that is baffles me. Drivers, sponsors, even TV channels require time to put schedules together. So, what is happening?

    3 weeks until the Monte, so what channels is the WRC on? Surely not more poor quality MotorsTV again? What about RedBullTV for more comprehensive coverage? So many questions…..

    2013 is a huge year for the sport; we will find out whether it is on an upward curve.

  • Slayer

    The only TV coverage I found is one summary on n-tv (germany) and 3 shows on Servus TV (Austria, Germany)

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