Blast from the past: Toyota WRC

  • Alex Langheck

    The WRC really needs Toyota to return, and we could have a huge battle between 2 giants: VW v Toyota. I’m not sure how long Citroen are going to hang around.

    However, they are about to begin their 2nd season in the WEC, and winning Le Mans is their No1 Motorsport ambition, after a few near misses with the awesome TS-020 in 1998/99. Can they really run another huge Motorsport programme? Interestingly, they are only going to enter 2 cars for the WEC season, including Le Mans – and how’s this for rumour mongering?
    Rallye Deutschland will start from a new base; Koln…..whose Motorsport premises are there? Yeah, you guessed – Toyota…. ;)

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