Video: The passion of WRC fans

There is no need for lengthy comments or heartbreaking intros to this particular video – it’s all there, the passion and dedication of thousands upon thousands of rally fans, gathered around the arguably coldest stage of 2013 Rallye Monte Carlo, Saint Bonnet Le Froid.

The video below clearly shows why FIA, Red Bull Media House and their partners simply must not allow themselves to screw up this sport, and must do their absolute best to put rally back where it belongs – to the pinnacle of the international sporting scene. Fixing the badly broken engine takes time, of course, but if you need more motivation, take a look at this video – ideally seeing people being passionate about something is a great source of inspiration!

Because no matter how hot or cold, fans will be there. They’ll walk for miles to reach the interesting spectating spots, and will wait patiently for their heroes to arrive and provide brief but priceless show, displaying ultimate driving skills. Don’t mess with rally fans, because they will respond with even more determination and love for this sport.

Remember, these people will wait for hours, and won’t mind the snow and windchill. Please don’t mess it up for them and for all of us – we are talking about genuine, passionate love here.

Kudos to Michelin’s Best of Rally Live video crew for putting together such impressive bit of footage.