The Greek tragedy is upon us!

  • flat-over-crest

    Luck (or Fate) has it that my first comment after a long absence should be about my country’s WRC round. Believe me,I am also disappointed by the reduction of km’s and all that,and I can assure you every rallyfan here is even more so.But at the time and for the past 3 years the country is going through a crisis,financial and social,of unheard proportions.Unemployment is at a record 25%,recession is massive and Media are winding down,including TV Channels ,newspapers and magazines.
    There was even fear of not having a rally at all,as there are virtually no sponsors and minimal TV coverage.So we must bite the bullet and face a Mickey Mouse-Rally ,at least for this year.Noone likes it,but that;s how it goes.

    • Thanks for commenting! By all means, I agree, in situation such as this, there is little choice but to cut the expenses as much as possible.

      But I also believe there is much to learn from this particular rally – FIA and global promoter must introduce strong promotion and broadcasting package and soon, to give organizers time to secure the best deals possible – I assume it would be easier to talk to sponsors if you can offer them strong TV and overall promotion package. Regardless of the financial struggles.

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