It’s official: Loeb vs. Ogier duel scheduled in Karlstad

What a rally it will be – not only is Rally Sweden praised by teams, crews, media and fans, but they are working hard to further improve their show and bring rally closer to fans every year. For this year, they came up with “pick a dream heat for Super special stage” idea, and community embraced it instantly.

And the results are spectacular! As you can imagine, top of the list of requests goes to the French couple, Sebastien Loeb and Sebastien Ogier. Former team mates will get a chance to battle it out on Karlstad super special tomorrow! But that’s not all, further down the list there are more great suggestions; Mikko Hirvonen vs. Jari-Matti Latvala, and one of my favourites – Jari Ketomaa vs. Juho Hanninen!

Full list follows below. All the ingredients for a perfect rally are here. Only thing missing is, of course, live TV of this super special stage at least. But until Red Bull Media House, WRC and their many partners get to that stage of their co-operation, we’ll have to rely on radio, web sites and the infamous Youtube.

Come to think of it, perhaps Youtube and Google could be persuaded to join WRC as media partners?

Super Special Stage heats lineup:

Kl 20.04: Hasse Gustafsson, SWE-Oleksii Tamrazov, UKR

Kl 20.07: Matt Wilson, GBR-Henning Solberg, NOR.

Kl 20.10: Michal Kosciuszko, POL-Martin Prokop, CZE.

Kl 20.13: Khalid Al-Qassimi, ARE-Thierry Neuville, BEL.

Kl 20.16: Juho Hänninen, FIN-Jari Ketomaa, FIN.

Kl 20.19: Evgeny Novikov, RUS-Daniel Sordo, ESP.

Kl 20.22: Mikko Hirvonen, FIN-Jari-Matti Latvala, FIN.

Kl 20.25: Mads Østberg, NOR-Pontus Tidemand, SWE.

Kl 20.28: Sébastien Loeb, FRA-Sébastien Ogier, FRA.

Kl 20.31: Jarkko Nikara, FIN-Sepp Wiegand, GER

Kl 20.34: Al Rajhi Yazeed, SAU-Al Ketbi Rashid, UAE.

Kl 20.37: Yurii Protasov, UKR-Lorenzo Bertelli, ITA.

Kl 20.40: Anders Grøndal, NOR-Eyvind Brynildsen, NOR.

Kl 20.43: Richardo Trivino Bujalil, MEX-Arman Samilov, KAZ.

Kl 20.46: Nicolás Fuchs, PER-Martin Hudec, CZE.

Kl 20.49: Alexander Villanueva, ESP-Marco Vallario, ITA.

Kl 20.52: Michal Solowow, POL-Valeriy Gorban, UKR.

Kl 20.55: Vasily Gryazin, LAT-Oleksii Kikireshko, UKR.

Kl 20.58: Joakim Roman, SWE-Fabio Frisiero, ITA.

Kl 21.01: Federico Della Casa, SUI-Alessandro Re, ITA.

Kl 21.04: Lukasz Kabacinski, POL-Loris Antonio Papa, ITA.

Kl 21.07: Ivan Cominelli, SUI.

photo: Rally Sweden