Sebastien Ogier and Volkswagen take dominant victory in Sweden

  • Jose Miguel

    Perfect Rally for Ogier,nobody better than him for to be the Loeb´s sucessor.Who will be able to beat Ogier in next rallys without Loeb?Someone except Latvala,of course.


    • Kid_Voltron

      …with all due respect I rate Sordo and Ostberg higher than Latvala….Latvala seems to suffer from the same syndrome that Mikko has lack of confidence in oneself…Sordo and M-Sport are the key ingredients for this seasons WRC as to who will beat Ogier, I expect Sordo to be Citroen’s best offer this season.

  • flat-over-crest

    Also,if I remember well this is VW’s first ever WRC victory.I think a Golf GTI had won in 1987,but it was in Ivory Coast Rally,only counting for Drivers Championship.Anyway,welcome to the winners club, VW and here’s to more exciting rallies and great competition.Hopefully.

  • Alex

    Well, nice podium, VW, Citroen and Ford!

    I’m afraid Ogier can become another Loeb.
    Nice rally from Mads, i was hopping for a better performance from Hanninen.

    But, let’s not forget the last two rallies had been very particular, with lots of snow. I hope this is the last time we see snow this season i hate it.

    Citroen, was not used to have such a high level benchmark sure they will find a way to level out with VW.

    Hope there is more story to be told on the next one.

    • Don’t forget Hanninen is not a WRC regular, and that goes both for WRC events and cars.

      Regarding Citroën, I am sure they are still match for Volkswagen, by all means. In fact, I’m pretty sure all three cars are more or less similar in performance – it’s the reliability and most importantly drivers that make the difference! In my opinion at least.

      • Kid_Voltron

        I have no single doubt in my mind that it’s all up to the drivers, Ogier was blisteringly fast in a Citroen, he is now in a VW, and he is still blisteringly fast, put him in Ford I’m sure he wouldn’t fall short of any of past performances, that’s what makes great drivers, adaptability, Dani Sordo’s only drive in a Fiesta WRC and gets a podium…I think Sebastien Loeb may have just passed on the baton to Sebastien Ogier for another one driver dominance…we need more drivers, really good drivers, I’m loving Fords driver lineup…I’de love to see Sebastien Chardonnet in the thick of things he was astonishing in Rallye d’Alsace …I totally agree that drivers come before manufacturers!

  • Alex

    I saw all the pictures regarding Ogier victory, and he is the most happy winner in some time.

    I liked the way he “kissed” the VW symbol on the car.

    I only refereed Hanninen because I want him to continue on WRC and a better result would give him a better chance.

    • Juho really deserves more time in WRC and a proper chance with good car and stable budget. He needs to get some mileage in WRC car to shine, but in order to do that he needs the car first. It’s a vicious circle.

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