Gloom and Doom at Citroën Racing?

  • Alex Langheck

    Going to the WTCC is a cop out. That is a ‘Mickey Mouse’ series, with no prestige at all. Loeb is far too good for a series like that.

  • Damien

    Mikko’s not looking that sad in this interview ;-)
    Anyway, I think you’re pretty much spot on (has it become an habit of yours?), and no one can’t blame you for being upset that’s for sure.

  • Kid_Voltron

    I’m convinced there won’t be any Citroen next year, this year was also a tight squeeze…alarm bells went off when Peugeot’s Les Mans was cancelled. I can only think that without Abu Dhabi, Citroen were indeed going on a hiatus this year cause there’s no way they wouldve received the same amount of money as last year, which in my suspicion led to Sebastien Loeb’s decision to finally call it quits and subsequently a few rallies to give something back to Abu Dhabi (or as an act of faith), the fact they didn’t convince Loeb to do the whole season says something about their commitment. As far as drivers are concerned it doesn’t really look like they planned for longevity either, I can only see Dani Sordo doing something noticeable, I hope Mikko proves me wrong….my take is Red Bull pumped in a significantly major portion of their budget that they didn’t see themselves afloat without them and Abu Dhabi was a stroke of luck….personally I’d love to see a fierce competition among drivers and Citroen go out with a bang, i.e see other drivers like Sebastien Chardonnet, Craig Breen or even Kris Meeke given a shot…

  • Alex

    That is all true, too much transformation in the team this year.
    Even i, as a Citroen fan had a strange feeling this weekend, as i could not even follow the rally.

    Lack of money, exit of Loeb and a new team with plenty of money to spend.

    I agree, i think Hirvonnen after the crash in Finland a couple years ago become a different driver and presently i only see Sordo being the number one, maybe i´m wrong.

    Once in the past, Citroen has given her place to Kronos, maybe this year was a year to do the same.

    But let us wait for the next rally.

    In the worst case possible we will have fierce competition for the second place between M-Sport and Citroen.

    Regarding the WTCC, i like the series and i don’t agree that it has no prestige at all.

  • Anne

    Mikko is a relaxed guy with a great sense of humour, but you can hardly blame him for not being a happy bunny last weekend in Sweden. It all went so terribly wrong from the very beginning.

    VW has given us all an increadible wake-up call, and it makes me think, too. However, I would not call Citroen “soaked cats”… :) A battle may have been lost but there are 11 events to come. Mikko is fast on gravel and Dani is flying on tarmac. So, let’s see how it goes… Citroen is a major player in this game and they won’t be beaten that easily. They will be showing their claws without a doubt. Just wait and see.

    • Mikko really is great, and I enjoyed his travel videos very much + he is always a treat when he does interviews for radio or TV, so I do hope he and the team still have that spark and desire in them – perhaps all they need is some sunshine (I know I do!!), and Mexico should provide enough of that!

  • flat-over-crest

    Experience shows never to jugde anything before the first gravel event of the year.Monte and Sweden are unique in their nature,remember Ford’s wins on Sweden last year and the one before?Then they went backwards badly.
    As of the Money Issue-Of course Citroen has to cope with Life After Loeb,and they now must face the other side of the coin-for a decade they had the best car,the star driver and the biggest budget,submitting WRC to an oblivion almost.Remember how,say, Mitsubishi or Subaru went from Champions-to 2nd string-to quitters? It all comes down to organization and budget.Dominance is a double edged sword,I am sad to say.

    • That is a very good point, and it’s exactly why I am very eager for Mexico to get underway. Monte is just magnificent messy roulette and Sweden is merciless bobsleigh track, but Mexico is dirt, dust, rocks and holes aka usual office environment. Don’t get me wrong, WRC is so great because it has all of that combined, from slush of Monte to Sweden’s snow and Mexican gravel. Oh, and let’s not forget dry tarmac – I do hope Dani can perform on more than that.

  • 541WRC

    Agreed. The 2010 Finland crash changed Hirvonen, no doubt. I thought for a while in Mikko’s peak (08-09) that he would be next to hoist the crown, but what a slide he has taken. Now there are just so many new drivers. I mean, the WRC saw a massive influx of drivers introduced to the sport, especially over the last 2 years. Yet it feels as if the sport could die any year. VW has performed just as planned. Sweden, amazing. Results come when you do over a half a millon KM in testing. Staying out of the WRC last year was the best choice they made. Free reign on testing outside of Europe. Employing the services of King Carlos also has proven to be a successful move. Exited but scared..

    -Oregon Love Rally –

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