Video: Rally Sweden recap by Volkswagen Motorsport

  • Bruce

    Appalling dull commentary! I couldn’t watch it all. I fear this is the beginning of a VW corporate takeover. Lighten up guys, it’s supposed to be fun! We need to attract a new, younger audience.

    • That is actually very valid remark! It bothered me in their first videos from last year, shot on testing sessions in Germany. Let me see if I can put few words together about it a bit later on.

    • On the other hand, it’s nice to have a different character to teams, even in commentary and public relations. I believe VW are still sort of testing the waters and looking for a sweet spot between being too corporate or too Ken Block. Citroën and/or Qatar MWRT should provide different approach, that would be great.

  • Bruce

    Other ones I’ve seen from VW were more slickly edited, and I don’t remember the commentary, which is the way it should be. They’ve got most things right, so I’m sure they’ll sort it out., maybe with a little encouragement : )

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