Rally Sweden as seen by Andre Lavadinho

Andre Lavadinho and WRC go together very well, and this partnership produced rich collection of impressive photographs from special stages all over the world. Latest addition to Andre’s gallery is the photo set shot on and around the stages of 2013 Rally Sweden. And again, he was able to capture the very essence of rally held in the snowy Swedish forests.

You may think Mr. Lavadinho’s work is actually a dream job for any rally enthusiast, and it would be silly of me to try and deny that. Because, let’s be honest, it is a dream job. Sure, sure, they carry heavy photo equipment around all day, and endure the harsh weather, but they’re there, in the thick of the action, getting hit by the rocks and stones, or splashed by muddy water. But these are no ordinary rocks and stones, and this is no ordinary muddy puddle water. These are the WRC rocks, carefully picked by the tires belonging to a car driven by world champions; and this is the holy water, thrown onto believers by the spinning wheels belonging to another WRC car driven by another world champion. Do you see it now? It’s like being hit in a head by a microphone, thrown into the crowd by your favourite rock star. You just don’t try to heal that wound, you nurse it! Alright, time to calm down a bit now.

It’s a great job, no doubt about that. But it still takes more than mere presence on stages and expensive (and heavy, not to mention long!) glass attached to your latest generation DSLR. You need a keen eye, artistic talent and basic understanding of the car physics to be able to capture the photos, top snapper style. And then add some more talent and skill to that, and you end up sharing drinks with the top guys.

Alas, Andre Lavadinho’s latest collection is up, and if you still haven’t visited his website, you should. Even though it’s in Flash, it’s clean, tidy and easy to navigate – which is a must if you are to enjoy the true gems, the photos. Have fun!

Andre Lavadinho website

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