Video: on 5 WRC events in 2013

In my posts and tweets here on blog and on Twitter I often mention two well known “independent” sources of WRC related footage – Best of rally live and Extremrallye. Of course, these are just two out of many. Few days ago I got reminded (thanks Dré Galiart) of great Dutch team of Rally Media, so let’s see what they’re up to this year.

Naturally, I am mostly interested in World Rally Championship events, but hey, I won’t say no to well produced rally footage, no matter what kind of event it covers. And when it comes to, there is no doubt footage will be of the highest quality, no matter if they’re filming WRC event or national rally events in Belgium, Netherlands, etc.

Among many videos on their website, I picked brief but action packed review of 2012 Catalunya Rally. Pure rally fun from 00:00 till the end – all I could ask for was more! Luckily, there is plenty more videos to enjoy on’s website.

In case you want to relive Paulo Nobre’s muddy retirement (fitting for a car called Little Green Pig) among other thrilling scenes, this video is a must see.

As for – they will cover five WRC events in total this year, according to the calendar published on their website. They will be on Sardinia for Rally d’Italia, and in Finland, Germany, Spain and Great Britain. Superb selection of great events – I’m very glad we’ll be able to enjoy seeing these events from yet another well informed perspective.

For more info on Rally Media, visit their website, but not before you see this video. Turn on HD, volume slider to max, set it to full screen and enjoy!

EDIT TO ADD: Whoa! According to Joest Schouten’s comment beneath, he is the one man band behind all the videos, which makes it even more badass! Also, I wasn’t really fair in mentioning only video section of website, while they also produce high quality photos, thanks to Joest’s brother. Supertalented rally heroes, that’s what they are.

You can follow Rally Media on Twitter as well (@rallymedia). Special thanks to Dré Galiart for the tip (@rallydre).