Video: on 5 WRC events in 2013

  • 541WRC

    I couldn’t agree more. Rally produces some amazing work. They really encapsulate what it is like to attend each event. You feel as if you are completly covered in dirt, and your ears are still ringing from countless sequential shifs…I LOVE racing season! There really are about twenty channels that throw together top notch work.

    amjayes24 – Great rally coverage

    19Bozzy92 – Seems as if this kid literally live at Monza. Also has probably the best mic….Mesmerizing engine tones!

    DirtTrailRallyVids – Close to our friends over at Rally Media, but not quite…

    Cheers to a great WRC season!

    Flat out from Oregon

    • Cheers for the comment, always great to hear from WRC fans from across the pond. Keep the faith guys, sooner or later, WRC will land on your shores.

      • 541WRC

        What a dream that would be! Back to the stages out in Olympia!! We are trying over here at Rally America…But honestly we have a fraction of the cars, that would run a ‘minor’ event in Europe.

        Keep up the good work.

  • Marko S.

    To be honest, Rallymedia is my personal pick, outstanding footage!!!

  • Thanks a lot for the great article!
    Hope I can make some great videos this year at the WRC events and at national rallies.

    I make the movies all alone BTW ;) Always travel with my brother that makes the photos you can find on our site.

    • You are very welcome, this is the least I can do – your work is really outstanding, even more so if you are doing it all alone. I edited article a bit to mention photos as well. It wasn’t really fair to not mention the work your brother does as well. Looking forward to great images and videos this year, and perhaps even catch up with you on ELE Rally (I am supposed to be in and around Belgium at that time). Cheers.

  • @WRB ELE Rally around Eindhoven / Helmond is a great rally!
    I will be also compete this year in the rally with a group A Peugeot 206, I remember that I met Joost there for the first time (like 5 years ago) laying in a ditch filming great shots of great rally cars!

    Back to the post I have to agree that Joost makes amazing videos! and Martijn is making superb photo’s, we dutch rallydrivers are blessed with the luck that those two are Dutch!

    PS. If u need anymore information about the ELE Rally ( hotels where the stages are etc etc. feel free to contact me ;)
    It is an amazing rally )

    • Thanks for this comment Martijn! I really appreciate the enthusiasm and the response to this post – it all shows in the driving and filming, great stuff. Also I am overwhelmed by the hospitality of everyone, but I am sorted with my friend and business partner Kees van Loon, if it happens I end up in Antwerpen around that time. Nothing is certain yet, though. Keep up the good work behind the wheel and cameras, I am looking forward to great pics & videos of rallies.

  • flat-over-crest

    Both amjayes and rallymedia are great,I am a fan of both, and also watch out for a channel called ”rallyelange”-absolutely great stuff from French champ’ship and plenty of WRC events.
    As you so correctly state elsewhere,Youtube is the promised land for us rally maniacs,fed up with non-existent (or pay-TV only) coverage of rallying.

  • nomadfriendly

    Heard a rumour ITV4(UK) are showing Rally Mexico 12/3/13, nothing official, can anyone confirm anything?????

    • Yes, I heard and read the same, doesn’t help me (not in UK), but if true, it’s great news for UK fans!

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