Video: Brilliant review of Rally Legend by Tadej Pišek

Sometimes, it’s enough to just point your smartphone or camera in the right direction, and hope for a good enough result, but sometimes you just want to say more with your work. Rally photo- and videographers are one of the most talented lens-wielding artists out there – to capture the essence of rallying you need to be deeply in love with the sport. Only then will you be able to reveal those tiny little details and subtle emotion that make rally so popular and unique.

Video I found just few minutes ago speaks volumes about it’s author and his ability to capture the fine fragrance, musical chords and unleashed colour of the legendary rally cars, gathered in San Marino for annual Rally Legend event.

This stunning tribute to rally and it’s many legends and heroes was captured in 2011 edition of this event. You can find out more about the author, Slovenian Tadej Pišek on his website, But before you do, please sit back and enjoy this amazing piece of video art.