Video: Lancia Delta S4 testing, in 1984

Almost thirty years ago (what the hell happened to all those years? Time, you are so mean!) one team tested one car, getting it ready for World Rally Championship assault. Car looked and went like a demon, which was only fitting for the era in which it took demonic skills behind the wheel and in the garages to keep the cars running and on the road.

We all know how group B came to be, and what happened to it, but while it lasted, it gave everyone a chance to see what this sport would look like with little to no rules and regulations concerning safety and cost cutting.

Much like today, cars were tested and then tested some more back then as well, and even though this video is just basically your ordinar test video, there is something special about seeing one of the group B legends, Lancia Delta S4, doing the test runs. And the discrete dark bodywork only add more to it’s demonic nature!