Meeke on live TV: “If you’re watching rallying live there’s no other sport like it”

Kris Meeke is still missing from the stages, and this can hardly be fair or right, but that does not mean he should sit at home and wait for that big phone call. Instead, Kris is engaged in all sort of activities, such as chasing the Bentley road car down the gravel road, used as a special stage. It’s not WRC or ERC, but it’s also not exactly boring!

But, in the end, we all know Kris’ place is on the proper stages, in a proper car. So far, he was not hired by any of the new teams, appearing in both major international series. Hopefully, Kris is still determined to make it and come back to the sport he loves and enjoys so much.

In the meantime, Kris is also engaged in events promotion. Events such as SAT Rallye Açores, round four of the European Rally Championship. Series’ official website featured event’s former winners message to all the fans, urging them to watch live stages on TV, courtesy of Eurosport Events.

[quote]He said: “I don’t want to watch it, I want to be driving on the rally but fans love to be part of it and the Eurosport coverage is what everybody wants. You’re sitting with the driver in the car as he goes down the stage. It’s all very well watching highlights the week after the rally but the buzz and the adrenalin has gone. If you’re watching rallying live there’s no other sport like it.”[/quote]

Cannot agree more! Watch it or be on stages! Live rally on TV is as close as many of us will get to this event, so let’s make the most of it!

SATA Rallye Açores LIVE broadcast schedule*

Friday 26 April 2013
SS7: Feteiras 1 (7.54kms): 14:00hrs-14:30hrs (
SS8: Sete Cidades 1 (23.97kms): 14:30hrs-15:30hrs (Eurosport, RTP Açores)
SS11: Feteiras 2 (7.54kms): 18:30hrs-19:00hrs (
SS12: Sete Cidades 2 (23.97kms): 19:00hrs-20:00hrs (Eurosport, RTP Açores)

Saturday 27 April 2013
SS14: Tronqueira 1 (21.33kms): 12:15hrs-13:15hrs (Eurosport Player, RTP Açores)
SS19: Tronqueira 2 (21.33kms): 19:00hrs-20:00hrs (Eurosport)
* All timings are CET and subject to change