Red Bull, Sportsman Media Group and FIA, is this the best you can do?

  • Slayer_ch

    OMG WTF WTF WTF WTF This can’t be true. What are they smoking??? I need some of this shit.

  • Force_Luke

    They should start with listening to the fans. Starting with bringing S1T back.

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  • Alex

    I was not hopping to see this…

    One thing is true, i am in the range of ages between 25-30 and is impossible to my colleagues about rally at least in my country they just don’t follow it’s frustating. Maybe I (or us) am part rare bread.

    And the thing that is most annoying comes when they see VW Polo WRC on the first page of Autosport and they deduce that VW is the best manufacturer ever in that sport grrrrrrrrrr.

    FIA made a mistake not giving WRC to Eurosport. I am an EurosportPlayer subscriber just because, ERC, WTCC, WEC, 5€ a month is the price of a magazine. And i can listen the commentary of portuguese presenters (they are very good) or even Martin Haven for example, it’s my choice or if i loose a show i can watch it latter. For me this is the future of television. Eurosport is thinking so forward.

    On the last rally Azores i was working and i had a small eurosport player on the corner of the screen shiuu :), i know that it was live free in the site but if it were not it was on Eurosport player.

    At least we have ERC and there are coming great new cars and drivers, the television cover is always fantastic and you can even download tons hi resolution pictures from the site.

    • The problem with Eurosport, from what I understand, is that it did not offer any possibility of showing WRC on terrestrial based TV networks. Which indeed is a problem, but from current perspective, it’s hard to say how much of a problem that would be. Or rather, would Eurosport be able to work out a solution that would satisfy both sides. Not to mention Internet, which is forgotten too often.

  • Evan Rothman

    Well said! It is an ominous sign of things to come, I fear.

    • I’m afraid it is, too, but I hope it isn’t. If this was a silly way to test the public opinion regarding this idea, then so be it. But they should not be considering it as a serious proposal. Not in this form at least.

  • nomadfriendly

    Seb Loeb…”Bye bye WRC, FIA, bias drinks firm media, you muppets”!

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