Videos: Sebastien Loeb, Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak and the 875 horses running wild

In case you’ve missed it, here are two out of many videos, made during recent Peugeot Sport test session on Mont Ventoux. Sebastien Loeb is busy preparing for the Pikes Peak hillclimb at the end of next month, and it seems every kilometer spent behind the wheel of this monster of a car is very precious.

Rarely you’ll see Mr. Loeb stunned or surprised by a car, but that’s exactly what happened when he first sat in Peugeot’s latest creation. He later said car is brutal, and gear changes were stunning, so it’s obvious Seb was at least a bit intimidated by the mean looking 208.

Initial “oh la la” quickly turned into “you’re just a car!” as Sebastien first tested the car on a relatively flat road, getting to know the grip levels, gear changes and other details. For more in-depth knowledge about the car and it’s abilities, Peugeot Sport closed off the road on Mont Ventoux, so Loeb was able to sample 208 on more steeper roads, in higher altitudes.

Two videos came from and, and as usually, they’re both top material.

I love what Peugeot Sport did for many fans and reporters, gathered around the road – a rare glimpse of one other car, the one that made Peugeot famous at Pikes Peak long time ago. Watch the videos to see what I’m talking about!

[quote]“Driving it on a real road is a very useful pointer because that is what awaits us at Pikes Peak. Its handling is extremely responsive but I’m still not quite able to place it as precisely as I would like. That’s something we will need to work on a little more…”[/quote]