Video: Divine melodies of rallying, and why malls are rally stages

You’re in a shopping mall, and you’re pushing the trolley in front of you. Of course, each turn around the isles is taken sideways, and if you are extra in the mood, you even throw a nice Scandinavian flick, to help with the turn in. Depending on how you load the trolley, you will use the flick more often, but regardless, trolley must go sideways around the corners.

Now, if you’re like me, sometimes you lose last bit of self control, and start emulating the whizzing sound of a turbo or a supercharger, followed by mandatory pops and bangs. Suddenly, you’re not in a mall anymore, you’re out on the stage, and your trolley is not full of groceries – instead, it’s transformed into a real rally car, with all the sounds and noises.

Probably best (or worst?) part about this, is the audience. Similar to real world, if you decide to make loud noises, you will draw attention to your group B trolley – although the look on people’s faces might not be exactly the same as the look on rally fans, when they’re hit by the divine melodies, coming out of the heavenly trumpets, also known as rally car exhausts.

Whether you turn every shopping mall into a rally stage or not, you might enjoy this video. It was made last year, at the side of the road, during the traditional Rally Legend spectacle. The twist is, video was captured on liasion section, but it’s still amazingly awesome.

Just listen carefully as the Audis, Lancias, Porsches and many other go by, and it will be a bit easier to understand why, back then, rally was way more popular than Formula 1. I am 100% sure the sound of the cars, and their brutal nature, had something to do with the popularity.

Just listen to those Audis, their fivers breathing deeply, and let me know just what kind of emotions you experienced!