Ogier ready to “do everything not to be last in Monaco”

Sebastien Ogier was already beaten by Sebastien Loeb in Monaco earlier this year, and now he is determined not to allow that to happen again. Alright, their first duel had little to do with Monaco – Loeb was victorious in January, when the two Frenchmen competed against each other at Rally Monte Carlo – but it was Monaco nonetheless, and as we know, every driver wants to win stuff in Monaco and Monte Carlo, especially if it also includes beating your “arch enemy” in direct duel.

This week, Ogier will get first chance to test his skills against Loeb in direct head to head competition, when the two take part in Porsche Supercup race in Monte Carlo. Loeb once again has the upper hand, with more circuit racing experience, but Ogier is a fast learner!

To prepare for the challenging Monaco street circuit, Ogier spoke to many experts, from Red Bull Racing star and current F1 champion Sebastian (seriously, what’s up with the name!) Vettel, to team mate (Porsche wise), Sean Edwards.

[quote]“I certainly don’t want to finish on last position. I am absolutely aware that some real experts, who belong to the best sports car driver’s world wide, are at the start in the Supercup. However, with the help of my team mate Sean Edwards I should be able to keep up with their pace. Be assured that I will do everything to succeed with this goal.”, Ogier said to Racecam.de.[/quote]

Fair goal, Mr. Ogier, but apart from not finishing last, we know you have another little goal on your mind! According to qualifying results, Ogier is faster of the two, with 12th position against Loeb’s 15th!

Bring it on!

And speaking of bringing it on, don’t miss the race live on Eurosport, starting at 9.45 CET on Sunday, or if you cannot access Eurosport, tune in to Racecam.de.

Photo: Racecam.de