Ogier ready to “do everything not to be last in Monaco”

  • Alex

    Well i’m currently watching Porsche supercar, well nice cars and drivers of course, but, this circuit is becoming boring as hell (i know all the rich and powerfull live there), but unless somebody crashes the rail there are no overtake maneuvers at all, there is just no space to gain the necessary speed to do that.

    • flat-over-crest

      Modern F1 is such a loooooong issue,we’ll propably end up talking for hours and not finding what is wrong.All I know is that watching back-to-back yeaterday’s GP and then some races from 1986-87 or so,felt like waking from a hypnotic state and seeing why I loved F1 racing so much then and why I cant care less now.So certainly there is something wrong.
      If you ask me,almost everything in modern F1 is wrong,ugly ,and/or plain dull.Circuits,cars,regulations and most of the drivers.
      Thank God rally Acropolis comes along to lighten me up.

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