Video: Robert Kubica talks about the Acropolis Rally and season so far

Polish ace Robert Kubica is back at work once again, getting ready for this week’s Acropolis Rally. It will be his second outing in the World Rally Championship this year, and after very promising performance in Portugal and in other events he competed in (most recently in Corsica on Tour de Corse), he should be looking forward to the days of attrition, hot climate and rough stages.

And much to nobody’s surprise, he is looking forward to it. And he’s doing it as a true rally driver – with a smile and a “bring it on” attitude.

Colin Clark of WRC Live caught up with Robert and asked him a few questions about the expectations for the Greek event, but also about the season so far.

Best part of the video: realizing Kubica is more than happy with how things are moving on (a bit more luck would not hurt, thought!) and the fact that he thinks it’s only been three months since the season started, while in fact it’s five. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Stay away from those punctures, Robert!