Ogier and Latvala go all funny about Loeb and Pikes Peak

  • Alex

    Very bad sportsmanship from those two.

    Yeah tarmac is easy so why no one beat Loeb on tarmac.

    Maybe i understand it bad or i am in a bad mood, but what a pair of dumbass, both of them have lost a good opportunity to shut up their big mouths.

    Maybe if it was Latvala he would end in the bottom of pikes peak with that car.

    Sorry but i did not like those comments.

  • powerslide

    Two things you should know about those comments: both were asked weeks before the race, before Loebs victory and without reference to the french star. And when ever asked for Loeb both have been very respectful – its simply unfair to put it together like this.

    And lets see how the future of Pikes Peak will be – I am sure that we will see more and more circuit racers and Le Mans or even F1 technology there and less and less rally people.

    • Thank you for this comment. If Ogier and Latvala’s comments were indeed collected before the race, then this changes things a bit. Not very well played by Maxrally, or on the other hand, very well played, seeing I took a bite.

    • Alex

      Ok, the interview was made weeks before but both of them knew that Loeb was going to be there. And the questions were made because of that.

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