Estonian youngsters in brand new Fiesta R5 rally cars

This year’s Rally Estonia will be all sorts exciting. From Jari-Matti Latvala driving a historic beast, called Audi Quattro, to the just announced batch of Ford Fiesta R5 cars, as they start their conquest of the world’s rally stages.

Two young Estonian hopefuls, Martin Kangur and Karl Kruuda, will drive the two Fiestas, run by MM-Motorsport team. After impressive VIP outing in recent ERC round in Belgium, Fiesta R5 will this time compete “for real”.

For now, even though it’s very, VERY early days, it seems Fiesta and the R5 class is quickly gaining popularity – it remains to be seen whether other manufacturers will join this category, currently populated only by Ford and Peugeot (using 208 T16). Perhaps Volkswagen is working on another Škoda-based rally car – their S2000 machine was superbly impressive?

Karl Kruuda and Martin Kangur with Ford Fiesta R5 cars in auto24 Rally Estonia

In auto24 Rally Estonia 2013 held on 19.-20. July will be seen one of the first competitive outings for new, just homologated Ford Fiesta R5. Two Estonian youngsters who are well known in the world of rally, Martin Kangur and Karl Kruuda, will be both driving brand new Ford Fiesta R5 cars.

Both cars will be run by MM-Motorsport, which is one of two teams who recieved first Fiesta R5s from M-Sport.

A week before auto24 Rally Estonia first Fiesta R5s will be competing in Nicky Grist Stages and in Rally Bohemia. Kruuda and Kangur are looking forward the start in auto24 Rally Estonia. Kruuda, who has been taking part in SWRC and IRC with S2000 cars, has had a chance to try R5 Fiesta shortly on tarmac. For Kangur, who was third in IRC 2WD Cup 2012, it is the first start with 4WD car. Both of them are planning to do a proper test with car on gravel before auto24 Rally Estonia.

In auto24 Rally Estonia Historic which is also this year round of FIA Historic European Championship the biggest name is for sure Jari-Matti Latvala. Jari-Matti Latvala`s interest for historic rallycars is well-known. Last year he and Asko Sairanen took part in auto24 Rally Estonia Historic, which was a round of FIA Historic European Championship. And they won it in style driving a very remarkable Ford Escort RS Mk2 BDA. This year Jari-Matti will tackle once again the fastest gravel roads in South-Estonia as he starts in auto24 Rally Estonia Historic with the first four-wheel drive car in WRC – Audi Quattro.

Other drivers familiar from last year will start in auto24 Rally Estonia Historic too, for example Valter Jensen with Lancia 037.

auto24 Rally Estonia is not just a rally. It is also a live concert on Friday night with Estonian famous heavy-metal band Metsatöll. Sevice area has a lot of activities for children with a special Lõunakeskus children area. Roads in South-Estonia are offering a lot of jumps but on Friday night in Super Special in Otepää specially built artificial auto24 jump will fly cars more than 30 meters. For those who can’t make it to the rally it is good to know that live broadcast from Otepää Super Special will be translated to TV6 and internet. Sky Plus Rallyradio 99,1 Mhz speaks Estonian, Latvian, Russian and English.