Video: Artificial rally jumps are not that fun

  • Marko S.

    This has to be the most retarded way to slow the cars down (if that was the organizer’s plan), never heard of hay bale chicane? Also, the accident took place due to few things combined: car was leaning forward from braking; ground at landing point was soft from other cars landing there, so Twingo dug in; the fact that nobody had seen what the jump would look like before they tackled it on the race; jump was hardly visible. I’m glad there was no serious injuries, hope the crew gets well soon and the car gets rebuild on the organizer’s expense.

    • Marko S.

      Edit: it wasn’t there to try and slow them down… After reading some comments I misunderstood that it was there to make the cars brake earlier as they land near the start of the braking zone for the next corner.

      • No, not to slow them down, even more wtf, to produce spectacular jumps because those are apparently awesome. Let’s hope it does not become a thing, so spectators all over the world start putting their home-made platforms on the road.

        • speedymindaugas

          While your wtf is valid there’s a little excuse for organizers – the artificial jump was marked in road book.

  • Commenter

    Do not tell lies if you do not know.

    The Jump was mentioned in the road book. Allso exact place was marked and measured in meters in road book.

    In road book there was a notification: Artificial Jumps same from SS1 which was all the time in recce. So they had an oportunity to see it walk and calculate it. Allso The correct place was shown.

    After the jump there was a shikane.

    This mistake was due to badly reading the road book. Then lead a mistake by braking before the jump.

    So please if you will be writing other articles, write them from facts, not from comments in forums. (i can give you a scan of road book if you do not beleave)

  • STI

    This artificial jump was marked on the roadbook, see the link:
    Only during recce it was not on the road. As you can see, it was marked on the roadbook, that this jump is from SS1/3. It was on the road on SS1 and SS3 and drivers already jumped over it twice during first rally day stages.

  • lithuanian

    the jump was marked on the roadbook but it wasnt installed at the moment when they were checking the road before the race. not everybody drove attention to roadbook signs. at the result there was a huge crash. but no one who was going before this Twingo made a crash. in my opinion it is a crew mistake.

  • Marius

    In fact, to be true and to let you know all details of this incident, there was written in the road book about that jump ( It’s also written that the jump is the same as it was on the Leg 1 in another place. So on recce you could see the jump and on the Leg 1 one could “feel”the jump. It was another problem to see where the jump will be on Leg 2, because it was hard to spot on marks from roadbook to know the exact place of the jump-to-be. So it was a mistake from organizing side, but otherwise somebody said earlier it WAS on the roadbook.

  • M

    This jump was marked in the roadbook, but it wasn’t on the road during recce, because the same platform was also used on another stage.

  • “When nature is kind enough, you have a terrain full of natural jumps and crests, such as Rally Finland (aka 1000 Lakes Rally). Deduct 700 lakes, and you end up in Lithuania (near the Latvian border) on 300 Lakes Rally. Apparently, there are no natural crests and jumps there, but fear not, organizers have a brilliant idea.”

    There is more than enough natural jumps in this rally. More then 40! This rally have name of jumps rally…

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