Video: Robert Kubica throws himself into/onto fans, sort of

Robert Kubica is not in Australia for the upcoming round of the World Rally Championship. Instead he’s preparing for another spectacle, 2013 Rally Poland. If you can imagine all Kubica’s fans joined with all of his Polish fans in one very respected and praised rally event, then you know what this year’s Rally Poland will look like.

To prepare for his home event Kubica did some testing in his Citro├źn DS3 RRC and as you maybe know by now it didn’t go all too well. Unfortunate landing after one small jump saw the car skid off the road and into a roll. DS3 took some beating, crew was OK, but I am most fascinated by somewhat unusual pack of rally fans.

If you look closely, you’ll see Kubica’s car almost collecting few of those fans, but these are no ordinary cows. They know about rally – see the car rolling towards them = start pedalling in the opposite direction, car stops and rests on its roof = start walking back to check the damage.

I have no information if Robert was asked for an autograph.