WRC needs Citroën needs WRC

  • Abdullah

    I really don’t know what to say. Everyone was excited when Red Bull Media took over the promotion of the championship given their experience with F1. But nothing has changed. FIA is trying really hard to make things more accessible by reducing the costs and modifying the eligibility to score manufacturers points to attract teams and manufacturers and it seems it still expensive for teams to get in. I am still gutted at BMW/Prodrive issue that forced Prodrive and mini out of the picture, otherwise we will have Citroen, Ford, Mini, VW and Hyundai now.. which will be an amazing thing as everyone want to get the manufacturer championship…

    Will it be very expensive if they rented choppers to broadcast events live, with a good director, a mix live footage between onboard, fixed road cameras, filming crew and chopper live will make things better for the sport I think.

    I really don’t know how to attract more manufacturer and sponsors, because it is a double edge sword, if you reduce costs to attract others to join, probably FIA and the promoter will get nothing back in return financially. I really hope WRC wont die eventually.

  • Alex

    In my opinion the decision of Citroen should be the exit.

    They are losing and losing big for their biggest rival in europe, VW, and then the coreans are coming if they lose to them it will be not a very nice thing.

    Peugeot had a powerful endurance program, the best car and top drivers and despise being the first one’s to present the hybrid for LMP1 (Remeber C4 WRC Hybrid long time ago) they exited without return in sight.
    They were #1 in the championship but they were losing the most important event Lemans and for who, VW, that is not a good publicity stunt.

    There is one man that is guilty of all this mess Olivier Quersnel:
    -For Peugeot bad strategy in the 24h events.
    -Citroen not being able to hold Ogier in the team, lets face it VW is winning because of Ogier, like Loeb have done the same for Citroen in the past.

    WTCC is a great championship nice coverage, nice drivers nice schedules its nice for a manufacturer to win .

    Citroen has a dream team in WTCC with Loeb and Muller. Citroen WRC had the same in Loeb and Ogier (yes Olivier fault LOL).

    FIA ruined the WRC when they refused Eurosport.

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