Bury the gods, Rally Acropolis is out

  • Dimitri

    So i guess from now on the WRC calenday will be decided upon who brings the biggest check faster. Who cares about character, tradition, balance between surfaces etc. Got loads of money … great … you got a round. Poland surely deserves a round of WRC for all the reasons mentioned in the article, however, Greece deserves a round too. Acropolis was there for nearly 60 years, offered to millions of fans a rally completely different from anything else. The name itself should be enough to keep it in the calendary. Monte Carlo, Finland, Rally GB and Acropolis should be in the calendar no question asked.

    PS1. Moneywise Greece was ok (even in these difficult times) so that wasnt the problem. The problem was to fit Poland in with the less possible fuss. Mission accomplished.

    PS 2. Sweden opted not to be in the 2015 calendary. they think that the 400.000 euros RBMH wants are way to much. As far as i know Swedish economy is not affected from the crisis.

  • My thoughts: All I can say is that Rally Greece was self funded. By a strong backing of private investors and was a healthy rally through out the tough times the country was going through economically. It wasn’t effected by any of it. It was funded by people who love the sport and the rally. I don’t see and can’t believe the FIA didn’t include the rally in the 2014 calendar. Yet brining in Poland with its fan base, knowledge of the sport and its history being the second oldest rally in the world after Monte. Saying that, how much of the Monte Carlo rally is held in Monte? Oh, Ogier is excited that the rally will be where he grew up in France? Oh, no one really is being accommodated during the rally in the Principality over the week? Interesting… it’s just a name. We didn’t loose out that much when Sweden was the first round of the WRC years ago, nor Norway which IS a country and rally that couldn’t get financial backing! There are a lot of other sides to why some rallies are in and out. Perth’s Rally Australia was government funded, locally; BUT the government didn’t support it after the many successful years… but now NZ can’t hold sponsors as it rotates. It is a shame that now the WRC cars (of the larger teams) are flown to Australia, easily could be shipped to NZ for the following weekend and then start a week after that! Though I know Paddon’s cars and other privateers are boated… and they take time… but still. Do a round in Mexico or outside of Europe and send the car to a round that will take place in three months. On another note: I don’t see why Brazil and Argentina can’t rotate yearly. Take the RISK FIA and hold a WRC round in an emerging country economically and hold a WRC round there, in Brasil. A fan base as big as Poland! France and Germany hold rallies in the WRC what, less than 100kms from one another… hold them back to back if you need to group Tarmac rounds together. Keep Sweden, heck they were the ones who were financially struggling and couldn’t get money together yet you keep them and drop Greece?! Have a snow rally in Russia, plenty of cash there and another growing market. This is like the game of politicians. “We’re going to fix the roads, and make new speed limits etc” None of this works for the PEOPLE who use the roads and drive on them. Know why? Because the Politicians DON’T DRIVE ON THE ROADS!!
    Just like the FIA. They don’t sell the cars that compete in the WRC, they just take the money the drivers and teams and rallies make!

  • flat-over-crest

    That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.
    Good luck to FIA and Mr.Todt and all the other moneygrabbers of the world of motorsport.
    Goodnight WRC,nice knowing you.but please remember-the Acropolis Rally was here long before this travesty of a Rally(?) Championship(?) was conceived in your greedy heads.
    First you killed off Rally Safari and Sanremo,Portugal and Monte were out for a while,Tour de Corse is out too…
    Seems all the classic events of the past suffered in the FIA’s hands…we Greek Rally fans will find good company in fans from all these places,much better than the idiots who run the sport these days.
    Hope the WRC officials choke on their TV contracts and media deals.

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