Rallye de France stages live, watch ’em here

Thanks to Tofrallye29 we now have a working link with working stream of Canal+ Sport coverage of Rallye de France. I am very sorry we have to resort to this, but Red Bull and FIA were unable to secure the TV coverage for all of us and for free. Because why bother. Not that it’s one of the events which will go down in history of the sport, it’s no very TV worthy. We understand, don’t we.

This is the list of broadcasters showing Rallye de France live this weekend, as per WRC.com confirmation:
MTV3 (Finland), Canal+ (France), SVT (Sweden), Viasat (Norway and Denmark), SPORT1 (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), Canale Italia (Italy), Sport TV (Portugal), Supersport (Sub-Saharan Africa), Sky Network Television (New Zealand), Al Jazeera (Middle East and North Africa), Fox Sports International (Latin America), J Sports (Japan) and Speed TV (Australia).

If those fail, we have our “illegal feeds”, check them out below.

Check these two first, if they fail, continue on with the rest.



If above fails, here’s alternative, kindly supplied by Håkon Børresen.

  Valmar Viisel suggested this, also works.

Josh Folks has another alternative.