Please stop with all the “Ogier won only because Loeb is gone” silliness

  • Voltron

    Ogier is good, very good infact, he may blame todays lapse in performance to yesterday’s consolidation of the Driver’s title but we all know…this rally is bigger than that even for him, not only does he have a point to make (to all the fans), he needs to beat Loeb at his home town…so far it’s been 2-1 to Loeb …as much as we don’t want to make pound for pound comparison it has to be done…the rivalry started within Citroen and according to Loeb, Ogier was favored…and Ogier seemed to be a bit of a prima donna….so I’m inclined to believe he was favored and that Loeb would say so cause he had to earn his stripes without favour against Sainz and McRae ….

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