Rally Sweden escapes extinction

For the next three years, starting from 2014, WRC’s iconic snowy and icy event in Sweden is safe from harm. For a while it seemed that Rally Sweden was walking on a very thin ice, but a fresh breeze of good news fixed that and we’re set to enjoy the unique event until at least 2016.

In the official announcement there is a lot of mutual back patting between Svenska Rallyt and WRC Promoter representatives, and that’s about it. By reading between the lines (and with some wishful thinking) we can see there is a promise of global reach for events and their backers next year. But for now, we have no idea what that means apart from the obvious chance of more elaborate and global TV coverage.

– We are very pleased to have extended our successful cooperation with Svenska Rallyt AB. This allows Rally Sweden as well as the partners, broadcasters and stakeholders of the WRC to be able to plan for the future with great confidence. A unique trademark of the WRC is the different surfaces and conditions the competitors have to face over the course of the season – this contract ensures the continuation of Swedish snow and ice within that challenge over the coming years, said Oliver Ciesla of WRC Promoter GmbH.

If you still absolutely must read the official bit of news, it’s right here, behind this link.