“Very long six right… tightens into… mud in my face?”

  • Alex

    Citroen ended the season flooded in mud :(.

  • I can see that Citroen have become the underdogs of the season which is sad and bad for their moral… I don’t see any light in their future if they continue this way…. with the current driver line-up. I hope a shake up will in fact bring them back to life in 2014 with different drivers like Ostberg.

    M-Sport haven’t done the same either but they have gotten their number 3 driver in their non official team to second position on the drivers championships which shows something!

    • Yossarian

      Yeah, it shows that Wilson’s crew is unmatched at being second. Honestly, I can’t understand the M-Sport hype. All they ever do is come second behind Peugeot, then Citroen and now VW. Their drivers never get any further than 2nd in the championship. It’s been years of constantly losing to someone

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