Poll: Perfect colour for Hyundai’s WRC livery?

I bet you all thought Kris Meeke is popular among rally fans, with a huge following all over Europe. I did too, but he’s not the only one. Kris is popular for a reason and I sincerely hope he finds a way into WRC in the following years. Maybe even for 2014, who knows. Well, Yves Matton and Malcolm Wilson probably do know, but…

According to the results of a recent poll here on WRB, it would seem Robert Kubica is the world’s most popular rally driver. I could safely claim that, ignoring the fact that this is just a small tiny blog and that only 280-ish people took part in this poll. Which is, also, open to anyone without too much restrictions in terms of IP, registering, leaving your firstborn with us as a guarantee, etc. Statistically, Robert Kubica is the crowd’s favourite for a spot in Citro├źn. What? There were more outrageous abuses of tiny polls in the past!

What we did learn from the results of this poll is that WRC fans would really like to see Kubica in WRC. And Kris Meeke. Remaining drivers, listed in this poll, had and hopefully still have their chance and place in the sport, but for Kris and Robert, they’re still waiting for the big things and opportunities to come their way. I’ll casually ignore some crashes both Kris and Robert had this year.


Here’s another poll for us to enjoy. What would be the perfect predominant colour on the 2014 Hyundai i20 WRC livery, if Michel Nandan aka Hyundai Motorsport Team Principal asked you to pick one.

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