Video: Back to school for Sebastien Loeb as he learns how to touch without touching

Car racing is much more than just sitting behind the wheel, pushing pedals and pulling levers. It involves subtleties such as learning the tracks, knowing the car, respecting the rivals and, the mother of them all, the art of touch without touching. Which is, I assume, the biggest and most powerful, erm, power a driver can acquire.

Sebastien Loeb won everything and then some in the World Rally Championship. He thrived in difficult conditions, racing around cliffs, on the mud and snow, you know, dangerous stuff. Next year, however, it’s time for him to slip into something a bit more comfortable. Or so he hopes. “WTCC is nice, but where’s the danger”, he asked innocently.

What else did nine times WRC champ learn during his first day at WTCC school? See for yourself. It’s a great little feature, very much in line with what Citro├źn used to to in WRC with Mikko Hirvonen. Can we, please, have more nice things in both series, oh bosses of Double Chevron?

If, for some reason, you’re asking yourself why is this video even here, since it has nothing to do with rally, I claim it does. There is Loeb in it and that means it’s actually a rally themed video.