He must be doing something right – Kubica wins Personality of the Year award

I wasn’t really sure how to begin this post. For a guy who, according to some, does not really know how to celebrate his victories nor show the respect towards the sport, Kubica is remarkably popular. Some say he does not respect his team either. All he ever thinks of is Formula 1. And while you might think it’s perfectly fine to pursue this dream and work hard to turn it into reality once again, people without dreams will not understand. They said Kubica should give up his WRC2 title and give it to someone who will “show proper respect”. Now, that does sound a bit Lannister, don’t you think.

But after all this, here he is, smiling and holding the brand new Personality of the Year award. Kubica did not win this particular trophy just because FIA the motorsport journalists (I received a very kind slap on the wrists for claiming this award is FIA’s doing, instead of group of journos) went all “Awww” and decide to pay respect to his title and his remarkable recovery and persistence. It’s not a “there, there” pat-on-the-back kind of award. Kubica had to “beat” the likes of Sebs, both Ogier and Vettel, Chris Horner, Tom Kristensen… And that “personality” bit must also mean he is, you know, liked and admired and respected for his work, but not his work alone.

He must be doing something right. Either that or FIA is giving awards without any merit and Kubica’s fans are actually payed to serve his goals. I hope people stop being silly about Kubica and his abilities, skills and desires. Come on. Before some nut proclaims Kubica is only popular in high circles because of his rich friends and powerful sponsors. Hey, this description does remind me of someone, and it’s not Kubica.