He must be doing something right – Kubica wins Personality of the Year award

  • YAWN

  • kpcart

    Kubica is doing EVERYTHING right. Basically he is fast tracking a career in WRC – against career Rally drivers. but what is more special is that he is doing it as essentially a disabled driver, coming back from the most dreadful of crashes.

  • dkpioe

    go away troll

  • WRC must be doing so well if we can afford to quarrel over whether a very capable driver is worthy of a title he actually won by, well, driving, or not. Everything else about the WRC and rallying in general must be utterly boring, so Kubica is the WRC’s most urgent and biggest problem.

    How about we let him prove his worth next year in a full season of WRC? And then try and judge him by his driving. Because if suddenly personalities are so important and crucial, we might start running short of drivers who fit our corporate-y needs.

    Do you want drivers to be honest or you want them to sound like Seb Vettel after each pole position on radio to his team?

  • Marko S.

    He has proven this year what kind of a driver he is. At first I had my doubts since he crashed out few times, but more into the season he’s shown outstanding learning curve, kept it cool and blew away the competition by the end of the year. As for his personality – who cares about something like that as long as he’s driving the way he is?!

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