It’s “Dani Sordo in Hyundai” all over again – M-Sport to announce Hirvonen, Kubica & Evans tommoz?

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. It is also the last day for submitting entries for the 2014 Rallye Monte Carlo. And since we still haven’t heard from M-Sport and their plans for next year, it’s safe to assume this announcement will happen tomorrow. Why the long wait? Can things change in the very last minute? Of course they can. Plus, delays are also wonderfully effective in drawing all sorts of attention. Yet, WRC teams still have a lot to learn. They want to stall for as long as possible? Fine. But why not take it one step further and do what car manufacturers do. Teaser photos! Show us a boot, or a shoulder. Imagine the excitement! “We have some exciting news to share with WRC fans. Here’s a little peek” – reads the teaser, showing the tip of the racing boot. Whoa!

Hm, well, maybe we’re being silly for no reason. Perhaps M-Sport really had to wait this long. There might be a hidden meaning behind the 13.12.13 numbers combo. Who knows what forces are involved in all this. Could it be that CEO of the new title sponsor wanted to finish watching all episodes of Game of Thrones before deciding on whether he will put a signature on the contract or not. Sure, M-Sport will say it was all done because of PR, but can we trust them.

Someone in M-Sport really loves last minute calls. But, who cares. It’d be fun to hear them lay the blame on someone and turn it into a bit of a silly joke, but there are more important things on the menu. For example, a strong lineup. Unless everyone and their mother’s cat is wrong, M-Sport will do a “Dani Sordo joins Hyundai” tomorrow and confirm the overpowering rumours – naming Mikko Hirvonen, Robert Kubica and Elfyn Evans as their drivers in 2014.

Three cars? Hope so. Car sharing sucks, it really does, even if it’s effective and teams like it and it make sense. It sucks because we want to see drivers and bond with them, not with the cars. Am I nitpicking? I am nitpicking.

Give us three cars, above mentioned drivers and a season of no stupid mistakes. That should be enough.