Twitter: Certain (unnamed) team complains over Kubica’s paddle shifter?

  • dkpioe

    it is a rather lame complaint – presumably because they think he has an advantage? I don’t know how they think he can have an advantage, he has a disabled right arm, he steers mostly with his left hand, and he is changing gears both up and down with his left hand on the paddle shift. the paddle shift has a timing system so that is does not change gears faster then a manual shift. what do they want him to do? change gears manually with his right hand when he cant? – in other words they do not want him in the sport. there is no way he has an advantage with the system, all it does is bring equality considering his disability. its like complaining about alex zanardi when he drove in tourning cars with no legs and saying that zanardi had an advantage because he had a different system in his car to the other drivers.

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