Volkswagen: “Do not underestimate our hunger!”

I was among the silly ones, I admit. Someone dropped a silly hint earlier this year about the ugly possibility of Volkswagen clinching both titles in the first year of their WRC affair, leading them to retreat from the series right after that. It sounded silly then, it sounds silly now, but it came from one respected member of the WRC community, so I kinda always considered it to be a bit more than just a fiction. Even though it made no real sense, from sporting and economic perspective, but we’ve seen and heard worse things happening in motorsport, WRC in particular. So I was kinda sorta permanently terrified that something like this might happen. And just now when things are heating up with one new team arriving and old team stubbornly staying onboard. But my fears were unfounded. Complete and utter bollocks. Because Volkswagen is still very, very hungry and they are hoping our hunger is as bad as theirs.

Continuing on the wave set in motion even before the start of 2012 WRC season, Rally the World once again combined creativity with social networks and reached out to fans and admirers of the sport. This time they’re looking for someone who is still hungry for the WRC, and they plan to feed this person thoroughly and completely. Not only that, they’ve set in motion a whole industrial process, aimed at this one goal – satisfying our hunger for the WRC and rallying.

Great little feature, which you must watch, especially if you’re hungry (which of course you are). Volkswagen is, once again, leading the way of social interaction with fans. Hopefully other teams will be as proactive as the VW are next year. We’re looking at you, Citroën Racing of the former very entertaining videos; or you, Hyundai Motorsport, the new kid on the block; and even you M-Sport, who like to do your thing below the radar, like fans do not matter, unless they buy or rent a R5 car!

Meanwhile, take a look at how Rally the World decided to let us know they’re still very very hungry.

Still hungry: this is the message from Volkswagen for the start of the new rally season. Neither the drivers nor the team, and certainly not the Volkswagen rally fans, have had enough following a successful first season. This is why hunger for success plays the main role in our movie for the new WRC year in 2014. Or rather Volkswagen’s creative answer to it: the Volkswagen Currywurst. Developed especially for rally fans. We offer a spectacular peek behind the scenes of fan food research. Definitely worth the watch. Not just for the guest appearance of the world’s best Helmet Holder: Franc Riemère.

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