Porsche to pay tribute to its rallying heritage with 911 Safari Concept?

This is just beautiful in so many ways. Legendary German manufacturer was and still is the icon of rallying, even though its natural environment is the track and not forest. Yet, superior handling, powerful engines and the immensely fun transmission setups led to many successful rallies in the past. Today Porsche is still competing in rallies in the hands of privateers around the world, but if German media are to be trusted, Porsche is building something special for the upcoming Beijing Motor Show.

Evil people will say that Porsche is just building a customized 911, capable of surviving the poor roads in the developing countries. But we’re not evil people. What Porsche is going to do, allegedly, is present the 911 capable of going off-road. Yes, they do have two off-road going SUVs, the Cayenne and the brand new Macan, but this is something entirely different.

Do you remember that thing about evil people and poor roads? Well, I’d like to take it back. Simply because that is exactly what Porsche has in mind for this concept – to test the public and judge the interest for the more robust and durable 911. Beijing instead of Geneva makes perfect sense. Sadly, if you harboured any hope of seeing Porsche actually developing a rally car, let me express my condolences. With brand new 919 Hybrid LMP1 programme well and truly underway it’s simply impossible to expect Porsche to explore other motor sports avenues.

Not to mention that Volkswagen Group already has a pretty solid WRC team in Volkswagen Motorsport, don’t you think? But this Martini livery looks so hot on the 911 curves…