Video: What do you get when you mix Kubica, Fiesta RS WRC and wet tarmac?

Call me partial if you must, I don’t really care. Next year I’ll be rooting for Robert Kubica first and foremost. There is just something about him arriving to the rally scene and instantly making huge impression on everyone all while recovering from that bitch of an injury and getting used to new cars, events, co-drivers… It’s a whole new kind of underdog, if F1 race winners can be called that.

Take this video, for example. Does it not make you wish it’s already time for Monte Carlo? Robert is pushing and he’s pushing like he means it. As the season goes on, people will expect more and more from him, but I don’t think anyone’s expectation can match his own. In order to fine tune the tiniest of details in setup and pacenotes, Robert is testing and testing some more.

Check out the latest PET video filmed by and featuring Robert Kubica getting ready for the upcoming Round 1 of the 2014 European Rally Championship, Janner Rallye.

Ok, Ok, OK… so it’s RRC and not WRC, because Janner is ERC and not WRC. Sheesh!