Video: Rallye Monte Carlo eons ago… It’s 1986 and it’s awesome!

Chances are I already posted this video at some point, but no matter. It’s one of those things you can watch over and over again, like a favourite movie or a silly gif you simply cannot stahp laughing at. This video isn’t silly nor funny, it’s actually very totally awesome. Especially now when we’re less than two weeks away from yet another edition of this magnificent, unique, fantastic and essential for any rally fan, event. Legendary cars, legendary drivers, LEGENDARY spectators and legendary stages… really, can it get any better than this?

The year is 1986, the final year of group B madness. Henri Toivonen will lose his life later on that year in an accident during Tour de Corse, but in this video we can see him being superbly capable driver and very genuine guy as he talks to journos. And he’s just one of the heroes featured in this video. There are no missing parts and cutouts – in fact, video is spread in two parts, so reserve some time to watch both pieces. It’s worth it!

Legend of Monte Carlo lives on, and soon enough rally cars will once again roar across the famous stages. Sadly, they won’t be starting from Paris, but hey, some things really were to crazy to survive.

Enjoy the videos!