Video: When satanic powers take over the control of a rally car

I don’t know anything about this driver (Jourdan Serderidis), I don’t know if he is having some kind of a condition in this video, I don’t know if his car can even go straight and finally I don’t know if this driver even drive. What I do know, however, is I would not be trying too hard to be a passenger in this car, especially if this black machine is going to be pushed beyond the safe limits.

If you’re out on stages this weekend, please keep your eyes open for this car. Run and never look back. It’s as if Christine went rallying.

To be fair, the description in first video says (I think) something about the mechanical issue, so it could be why car behave like nobody was behind the wheel. As a reference I included another video, not from the Monte shakedown but from another rally last year – it features some creative gear changing.