Sebastienship continues, WRC in for more Ogiering

Somebody stop him! No, don’t do it, this is actually a fantastic start to another year of rallying and all those who think something is wrong if the sport is being dominated by one driver I don’t know what else to say but “how’s this his fault”? But I don’t think anyone is serious about their remarks about another Sebastien winning the hell out of things in the WRC. Besides, it’s still two stages to go. He did not win it yet!

Maybe he did not win the 2014 Rallye Monte Carlo yet, but he’s on a very good way to do it. Ogier is ahead of Bryan Bouffier by little over a minute, which gives him enough breathing space before the final loop of stages, coupled with the power stage. Will he risk it all and push for the extra few points or will he settle for the safety and not risk too much? Odd things these power stages, there should be one on each day of the event! Oh, and they should kill the split times delivery to cars on power stages.

Two more stages and some extra points are still ahead of us as the rally nears its finish. One run across the Col de Turini (long knives anyone?) over the snow or maybe slush and then the final power stage set on the very wet tarmac of Sospel – Breil sur Roya stage. Mikko Hirvonen and Elfyn Evans are separated by just 2 seconds. Is Malcolm Wilson going to allow them to fight it out or will the points be more important? Well, I don’t know, don’t look at me!