Video: “If in doubt, Marcus Grönholm”, according to Robert Kubica

Stupid, stupid slow slippery corner in special stage 9 in Monte Carlo, turning stellar performance into bitter disappointment in an instant. Does anybody care? Robert Kubica does not because rally and because there are more important things in life. Like for example Rally Sweden, round two of the World Rally Championship, set on snow and ice with even more snow. It’s fast, it’s technical and it’s also extremely unique kind of event, that’s why every bit of preparation and every bit od advice is worth its weight in gold.

Of course, we will never know what kind of advice and tips former Champ Marcus Grönholm gave to Robert Kubica during pre-event test session on the snow, but you can be sure it will help Robert to understand this particular surface a bit better. If you do have any doubts and questions about snow, Marcus is your man – after all, he won here five times during his WRC career.

Is Robert going to be on your podium / fantasy WRC lists for Sweden? Unless you’re boring and only interested in safe points, he won’t, but gamble a bit and he could be a real contender. First time on snow? Well, he’s conquered some firsts already.