Petition to let Toyota know we want them back in WRC!

This year Toyota Motorsport is going to build a rally car based on Yaris and prepared in line with the current WRC rules. Toyota will use this car to evaluate some things concerning the possible World Rally Championship comeback in the future. As far as we, the fans, know, Toyota will not compete with this car – they just want to see the process, evaluate procedures, calculate costs and get a more clear picture about the state of things in the WRC at the moment.

At the same time, Toyota is very interested in WRC and the latest developments in and around the sport. They would love to do it, they are very eager about it, they’re even ready to tease the hell out of everyone before they go and pour a bit of icy cold water on the celebration. First they said they would very much like to join the Championship in near future. Then they said they want to hear fans’ reactions. Finally, Toyota said they will probably wait till the next set of rules and technical regulations arrives, before they make the call and hop on board once again.

Now, I’m not sure which part of “Dafuq, of course everyone in WRC would love to see you back!!!1” they do not understand, but in case they really need more persuading, here’s a little something to let them know we really mean it when we say: “Stop messing around and get back to WRC”.

If you haven’t already, sign the petition. If you have, share it, spread the word.